Thursday, July 21, 2005

now I have to wait for book 7


I mean, wow.

I just finished Harry Potter 6. It was amazing. I so badly want to discuss it, but I know there are many who haven't finished (and some who haven't even started yet!) so that will have to wait.

But wow.

Anyway, today is the halfway mark for my Summer II classes. Three weeks down, three to go. And after tomorrow, only one week of camp left! Where did my summer go?

I've hit the part of my summer when I start thinking about next school year. You know: what I need to buy, what I need to get rid of, what I need to replace, what I want to implement, what I want to stop doing, what I want to do differently. I actually started making a list before class tonight. It started small, and then became this monstrous list full of scribbles and cross outs and addendums... well, look for yourself. It's crazy.

But at least I have my ideas mapped out. Now it's just a matter of actually doing something about them.

But not now. I'm still on "vacation." (Snort of laughter.)


suzanh said...

HP was nuts, wasn't it? I kept "ohmigod"-ing and "noway"-ing as I was reading.

I love lists. Yours looks great. A bit long, but thorough

Pigs said...

I'm finished! Discuss away!