Tuesday, August 02, 2005

party on, dude

I sat down at my computer to write, but now that I'm here, I don't know what to write about. Isn't that weird?

Well, it's 4 days until my party. I did some shopping, but I still have a little more to do. Today I made a master to-do list and then called a deli about hoagie trays. I also did some rather complicated math to figure out how many cases are in a keg, how many people are coming to the party, how many of them drink beer, and how many cups of beer per person the keg will yield. They don't teach that stuff in school. :)

My brother is amused by all the planning and lists and stress that I've got going on. "That's how girls throw a party," he said. "If it were my party, there'd be none of this stuff. Beer and barbecue. That's the way to do it." "Fine," I said. "You can plan next year's party."

But he's right. When I said that I love everything about parties, I meant everything. Including the planning and the chaos that comes with it. (Even though I complain about it.) But when guys throw a party, they don't worry about the little things. Just one of the many, many differences between men and women.

And now that the food and drink plans are out of the way, I can worry about the other important details... such as what to wear, what color to paint my toenails, which CDs have the best party music...

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SuzanH said...

How fun--I also love planning parties. However, I think men and women don't really see what goes on in parties, to wit:

One New Year's Day we decided to have an open house. I spent the entire time running up and down stairs, refilling bowls, making sure drinks were available, entertaining people while E sat on the couch and watched football or was out on the deck (in freezing temps) grilling hot dogs.

Finally, at about 8p.m. he said, hey, that was fun and easy, we should do it again next year. I almost killed him and we haven't done it again since.