Tuesday, December 20, 2005

coming out of hibernation

Wow. I can't believe I let almost a month go by without blogging. That just goes to show you how crazy things have been around here. To sum up the last few weeks:

~ first trimester ended/second trimester began
~ grades were due
~ parent conferences were held (18 out of 19 came for their scheduled appointment... and the 1 that missed it came in yesterday)
~ fall semester of grad school ended (I got an A!)
~ Christmas shopping
~ Christmas cookie baking
~ more Christmas shopping
~ more cookie baking
~ faculty Christmas party
~ Christmas card writing/mailing
~ various holiday activities with students
~ rehearsing song for Christmas show with students

So, yeah, I've been kinda busy.

Things have been good, though. My class is awesome, with the exception of the past few days. No six-year-old can contain their excitement about the coming of Santa Claus. Trying to ignore the holiday season is just physically impossible for them, and for me to ask them to do so would be inhuman.

One of my darlings (introduced here as Stoner... though lately I've been referring to him as my "space cadet") is quite taken with a certain holiday carol. He might be clueless about most things school-related, but he knows every word of this song and sings it under his breath while he works. Let me set the scene for you:

Children are working quietly on a project.
Space Cadet: (inaudible singing and humming)
Other children at his table start to shoot him looks.
Me: Okay, it's not music class... let's get to work.
...several quiet minutes pass... and then...
SC: (singing softly and sincerely) "Sir, I wanna buy these shoes, for my Mama please..."
Me (recoiling in sheer horror): Oh no. Please, not that. SC, WHAT are you singing?
SC: It's a Christmas song. (Resumes singing) "... it's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size..."
Me: Well, please don't sing it right now. Other children are trying to work.
SC: But why not? Don't you like this song, Miss M?
Me: Not realllly.... (trying to be tactful)... it's just a little too sad for a Christmas song, that's all.
SC: Sad? But it has Jesus in it! Listen: (continues his serenade) "I want her too look beautiful, if Mama meets Jesus tonight..."
Me: I see. But let's save it for another time, okay?

That was three days ago. I have heard him sing it every day since. (And when he catches me giving him a look, he grins at me.) But I guess I can't really blame him, because I've been hearing it on the radio since November. Who decided that it was an acceptable Christmas song? Isn't Christmas supposed to be about joy and cheer and goodwill and happiness?

And on that note... for your reading pleasure, here are the top five most annoying Christmas songs (in my humble opinion):

1. "Christmas Shoes"
2. Barbara Streisand's version of "Jingle Bells."
3. Anything by Celine Dion or Michael Bolton
4. "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg (which also has very little to do with Christmas)
5. Kenny Loggins, "Celebrate Me Home"

I'm sure I could add more if I really took the time to think about it. But now it's time for bed.


Two and a half days left of work before Christmas Break.


GuusjeM said...

Nice to see you back again - enjoy your break - you deserve it!

la maestra said...

annoying or not, i have to admit i have a weakness for mariah carey's "all i want for xmas is you". on the other hand, i have no tolerance for jon bon jovi's "please come home for xmas". that one definitely goes on my list of most annoying songs!