Friday, December 30, 2005

Good Old Catholic School Guilt

I had a lovely, glorious week off from work & grad school... no responsibilities, nothing to worry about. I purposely didn't bring home any tests to grade or papers to look at. I decided that after the crazy-busy month I just had, I deserved a relaxing week off. I set out determined to do nothing but sit around, relax, enjoy the time off. After exactly two days of that, I got so ridiculously bored that I had to do something. So I dug up some laundry to do. Then I organized my CD collection (which is really pointless, since all of my music is now on my mp3 player). I caught up on emails, but not phone calls, since my non-teacher friends are all at work. I went shopping, which lasted all of 2 hours, because the mall was packed and the stores were full of picked-over winter clearance stuff. So today, I'm back to sitting around doing nothing. It's a wonderful idea, in theory... but now I'm starting to feel guilty for doing nothing. I almost kinda wish I had brought some work home. (Almost.)


MsAbcMom said...

Enjoy doing nothing while you can!!!

I tried going in last week for a few hours and it was terrible! Play, relax, do nothing - we don't get this opportunity very often!!!


GuusjeM said...

Relish every minute of doing nothing...the long grind till Spring Break starts up all to soon - like tomorrow for me.

Pigs said...

Noooooooooooo! Do not regret it! Revel in it! Lay on the couch and surf TV in your pajamas and think of what you will be doing this time next week! Enjoy it! Do not waste precious holiday vacation with thoughts of school. Pish posh, I say.