Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006... here we go!

Happy New Year!

In honor of the beginning of the new year, I decided to go back and read my first post from 2005. I had written a list of goals for the year. I thought it would be a fun idea to re-post those goals here and see how I did. Kind of a Dree Report Card for 2005. Accomplishments (and the lack, thereof) are in green.

Goals for 2005
~ clean and organize classroom (especially desk) - Oh, I tried. I really did. It just never stays clean.
~ get an "A" in my linguistics class this semester - Yes! And I got an A in every class I've taken since!
~ make a real effort to keep in contact with my friends more - Yes and no. I'm still awful with phone calls. But I did manage to rekindle friendships with several people that I had lost contact with over the past ten years.
~ take better care of car (buy antenna to replace stolen one, wash inside and out, get oil change) - Yes. I bought an antenna, washed the car several times, and have kept on top of my oil changes.
~ read at least one quality book a month (and/or join a book club) - I didn't keep track, but I have read several wonderful books. And as of last week, I am now a member of a book club (that was formed by some old friends from high school, who I recently got back in touch with).
~ create classroom scrapbook - I started it. Never finished it. I did, however, use my digital pics to make a PowerPoint slideshow of my classroom activities for our school's Open House. So I guess that kinda counts.
~ get and maintain decent haircut - Yes!
~ start a vacation fund (and research ideas for cheap trips) - Sadly, no.

I'd say that overall, I didn't do half bad. I give myself a gold star for effort. :)

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Sara said...

Great Job! I think you should call 2005 a success!