Tuesday, January 03, 2006

my intentions were good

I had to make a stop at the drugstore today, and while I was there, I picked up a bunch of "thinking of you" greeting cards. I figured since I did such a poor job of keeping in touch with my friends this past year, I would try to make an effort to do better this year. And since I'm not good at phone calls (I'm not sure why... I really used to be...), I decided to go back to good old fashioned snail mail. Don't you just love getting mail when you least expect it? Especially fun mail, like a "just because" card from a friend?

I spent half an hour finding some really good cards, chosen with specific people in mind. Got home, opened my passenger side door to get my stuff, and the bag from the drugstore fell off of the seat, out of the car, upside down into a very large puddle of cold, dirty rain water. And all of the cards fell out of the bag. Damnit. I did my best to salvage them. I only lost one card (the crease got wet, and the whole card fell apart), but all of the envelopes were ruined completely.

So much for my good intentions.

I managed to find some extra envelopes in a box of random greeting cards from a million years ago. My friends will be getting wrinkled, slighty smudgy cards in mismatched envelopes. It's the thought that counts. :)

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Carol said...

Maybe you should relate the story of the cards when you send them. Then your friends will appreciate them even more. You're right -- receiving snail mail cards is much better than e-cards.