Sunday, January 29, 2006

Twisted History

Some fun and fascinating facts about history, courtesy of my first graders.

From Little Old Man: "A long time ago, back when Jesus was still alive, there were presidents and they wrote with feathers." (Referring, I'm sure, to quill pens.)

From a conversation with a child I refer to as Motor Boy (for obvious reasons), during a discussion of upcoming holidays (part of a lesson on using capital letters for special names):

Me: One of the holidays that we will celebrate in February is President's Day. Does anyone know which two presidents we remember on President's Day?

Hands wave frantically. "George Bush!" "Lincoln!" "George Washington!"

Motor Boy yells over the din, "General Blinken!"

Me: General who?
MB: Blinken! Abraham Blinken.
Me: Good, you're close. It's Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Cut to recess. I hear Motor Boy having a heated discussion with another child at his table.

Student: He's not on money!
MB: Yes he was! General Blinken was the greatest president of our universe!
Student: That's not right.

Motor Boy stomps to my desk, indignant.

MB: Miss M, isn't General Blinken on the dollar bill?
Me: No, George Washington is on the dollar bill. Abraham Lincoln is on the five dollar bill. Is that who you mean?
MB: No, I mean the other one - General Blinken.
Me: Sorry hon, I don't know anyone named General Blinken.
MB: Well, how about President Canada?
Me: The president of Canada? Canada doesn't have a president... they have a prime minister.
MB: No, PRESIDENT CANADA. (enunciating clearly and carefully for my benefit)
Me: Do you mean President Kennedy??

Motor Boy sighs loudly and stomps back to seat, shaking his head in obvious disgust.


Journal Freak said...

I am planning on returning to school to become teacher certified in my state (in elem. education), and I ran across your blog the other day. I read the WHOLE thing from beginning to end. I love your writing style... the little stories and all the details and pictures about your classroom are great. I LOVE your blog! I am a bit of a dork and I love all the school supplies and classroom things... I love looking at pictures of people's classrooms and their ideas!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

There is a reason why I am middle grades certified. I would never get anything done. I would just walk around and pinch everyone's cute little cheeks. No, give me the older kids. The ones with attitude. The ones that you have to make yourself like.

I really enjoy reading your blog.