Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Grade is a sweet treat :)

Happy Valentine's Day! My first graders celebrated with the requisite sugar rush, of course. I supplied them with a baggie of candy hearts and we launched into a math lesson. (I'm all about holiday-themed candy math lessons.)

First, they had to estimate how many candy hearts would fit into a heart that was drawn on a worksheet. Then, they worked together to fill the heart with pieces of candy.

Then they had to count the hearts to see how close their estimation was. To do this, I asked them to put the hearts into groups of ten, and then count by tens to find out how many pieces they used.

Next, they sorted their hearts into groups by color...

... and graphed how many of each color was in their baggie. (This isn't the neatest sample, but it was the best picture that I got.)

Needless to say, they loved the lesson. Especially the last part - eating the candy!

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