Sunday, June 25, 2006

And just like that… it’s all over…

I meant to post about the last day of school, which was last Friday, but I never got around to it. And now somehow it's the end of June already. Not sure how that happened.

Well... the last day of school came and went. It’s our school’s policy to withhold report cards from anyone who owes money for tuition or the after school program. The parents were sent letters last week, so they knew in advance that if they didn't pay, their kids wouldn't get their report cards. And what usually happens is that the families who owe money don’t send their kids to school on the last day. It’s sad. And I never know whose report cards are being held until Thursday afternoon, so it’s not like I can say goodbye ahead of time. I hate that.

Only ten of my nineteen kids came to school on Friday. You know who didn’t come to school? Space Cadet. And for some reason, that really pissed me off. I think it’s because he gave me SUCH grief all year long. I feel like I deserved a “thank you” or something. I didn’t want a gift or anything. Just a card or letter or a verbal “thank you.” Considering all the times his mother and I communicated… all the phone calls, letters, meetings… having him just not show up on the last day was almost insulting. Oh well.

At least the day passed quickly. We only go in for two hours on the last day. There’s a school mass at 8:30, and then we hand out report cards, say goodbye, and go home. As always, some of my kids were hugging me and fake-crying about how much they’ll miss me. Other kids walked off with a wave, barely glancing over their shoulders.

And now it's over. Leaving me with weeks of glorious freedom. Well, not really. I had one week with pretty much nothing to do. Next week, I'm going to a Reading and Writing workshop from Monday to Friday (I get paid a stipend to go, which is verrrry nice). I've been going to a grad school class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past 5 weeks. Summer I semester ends this week and Summer II starts in July, when I'll be taking 2 classes (4 days a week). I'm working at summer camp, which also starts in July. No rest for the weary, eh? Maybe I'll have time to sneak away for a mini-vacation. Time and money permitting, that is.

So, on that note... Happy Summer, everyone! Enjoy the time off!

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Pigs said...

Wow! You'll need a break! I love how those kids never say thank you. The ones you most want the gratitude from. What's kind of cool though, is if you wait around long enough, you might hear from them in the future. I've heard from a few of my former 4th graders who are seniors now.