Thursday, June 15, 2006

a surprise

As my time with the kids winds down, I find that some of them become more attached to me... hanging around my desk, talking my ear off, writing me little notes. Motor Boy has been especially attentive lately. He comes to my desk and stands there, waiting for me to notice him. Then when I ask him what he wants, he says, "Nothing." And then smiles. It's kinda cute.

I found out last week that his parents, who were separated, are getting back together. Mom is moving the boys out to Virginia, where Dad is stationed in the Navy. You can tell that Motor Boy is torn between being excited and sad. He's thrilled that his parents are back together and that he'll get to see his dad more. On the other hand, he has to leave all his friends behind.

When we were at the school awards ceremony today, Motor Boy's mom came over and asked if she could borrow him for a minute. "Sure," I said. They went upstairs together and he came back alone a few minutes later. As he scooted past me back to his seat, he whispered, "There's a surprise for you on your desk upstairs. It starts with F and ends with RS." I laughed. "I can't imagine what it is," I replied. After the awards ceremony, I walked my class back to the room and found these on my desk:

Oh, and it came with this:

Best gift I've gotten all year.


growing-girl said...

Hi there! Relatively new blogger here, just discovered your blog and along with it about 87,000 more reasons to consider becoming a teacher. I'm about to begin my freshman year of college and have been reading a few teacher blogs to see the pros and cons of the field. Feel free to visit my page(I NEED READERS!). While I'm aware that I'm merely an 18 year old, you may find yourself surpised with a laugh or two ;)


It was a good school year for me, I survived and thrived despite trying conditions. My student since her 7th grade, Bianka H., got more awards than the valedictorian during her graduation day last June 8. That was a special ed student, MY student, getting the PRIDE Award from Jefferson Jr HS and the Most Improved Student Award from DCPS.

She went back last Wednesday while I was cleaning up my room to give me a copy of her graduation picture. She wrote a note to me "I love you Ms. Angala, you will be in my heart always". That is more than a big win in a lottery!!!!

Congratulations to us, classroom teachers, for getting through this school year. We survived and thrived despite trying conditions. What are you doing for summer?