Thursday, October 04, 2007

On moving and apartments

Hello friends!

I'm officially moved in to the apartment. And I consider myself pretty much settled. Sort of. Kind of. Currently blogging from my classroom, since our DSL isn't hooked up yet.

My bedroom is fine, except I need to buy some bookcases. My bookcases in my bedroom at my parents' house are built in to the wall, so I couldn't take them with me. The kitchen and bathroom are very well furnished. But the living room is lacking in seating. We have my brother's old futon for a sofa (and guest bed, if needed), but that's about it for seating. Our dining room furniture is a card table and four folding chairs on loan from my parents. It's not fabulous, but it's a place to eat. We're going to look into Ikea, Kmart and other inexpensive options for extra chairs and a dining room set. And someday, who knows? Maybe we'll get all crazy and buy a coffee table or coat rack. Imagine it!

I went to my parents' house for dinner on Tuesday night. It was an interesting experience. It felt kind of like home... I set the table and washed the dishes, just like I hadn't even left. But I felt like a guest there. None of my things are there anymore. However, my new home doesn't feel much like home yet, either. All my furniture is there, but it still isn't HOME. In fact, since I moved, my classroom feels more like home than either of my other homes.

Anyway... time to teach CCD. More later, when we get decent internet at the apartment.

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