Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One of those days

You know when you wake up and just KNOW that it's going to be a bad day? Yesterday morning was one of those. When I woke up it was cold and rainy. I felt like crap. It was gym day at school, but it's the gym teacher's week off (we only have him every other week), which meant I wouldn't have a break all day. I went to make coffee and discovered that I left my travel mug in my car over the weekend... and I wasn't about to go out in the rain and get it. Sigh. Then just before I left the apartment, I decided I had enough time to run to the bathroom. And the toilet decided to overflow. Good Lord. The toilet handle has been sticking lately, making the water run until you jiggle the handle. So of course when it overflowed, the water kept running and I couldn't get it to stop. And then I had to clean it up, because I couldn't just leave water all over the floor all day.


Work was freezing. It was between 55 and 57 degress inside the building and it was still cold and damp outside. All the kids were in jackets and gloves. The boiler has been replaced, but not all the pipes are hooked up yet. The heat won't be on til Friday, which doesn't help us any, since we're off on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. Lovely.

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