Thursday, October 23, 2008

My students on the election

Some stories about the Journey to the White House:

Girl (noticing a picture of Barack Obama in the classroom): Hey, I know him! He's the guy who goes on TV and says, "I'm Brockabama, and I'm-a PROVE this message!" (Picture her doing the attitude head move.)

Another day, we had a very oversimplified discussion of how the Democratic and Republican parties believe different things. At recess, two kids were arguing over whether or not orange juice was disgusting (don't ask), one of my boys yelled out, "Text-to-self connection!" I just had to know.

"Why is that a text-to-self connection?" I asked.

"Because she thinks orange juice is good and he thinks it's nasty," he replied.

Hmmm. "And...?"

He pointed to my pocket chart with pictures and facts about the candidates. "When you read us that paper, you said that those two," (indicating Obama and McCain) "believe different things, and now THESE two," (gesturing to the OJ kids) "believe different things. Text-to-self," he concluded with a smug nod.

Can't argue with that logic.

I'm planning to hold a mock election in the classroom. Should be interesting to see how they choose. McCain was quite popular, because he flew planes... until they learned that Obama was born in Hawaii.

If only all decisions were that easy.


MsAbcMom said...

kids are something else, arent't they?

kerry said...


some of my kid said "Obama is may next kin father!"....

just got the idea about the election and obama in this site:

some of their idea make me get something new to my students, and i'm really happy to know that they're happy with the subject.

one of their parents call me, and say thanks to tell their children that Obama is a good guy from US.

A little smile after my class, and a shouting naughty about "I wanna meet Obama now!!"

Kids.. one most beautifull thing in the world.

Anonymous said...

I just spent the last week having my 2nd - 5th grade student register to vote in the Mock Election. Pk - 1st teacher registered their own students, because I begged for my sanity.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to have 4th and 5th graders work as poll volunteers and have classes vote in my lab.

The outcome will be interesting. I'll be a babbling idiot by the time it is over.

Anonymous said...


Oh, if only things were that simple!

Anonymous said...

Haha isn't it so funny how we forget how simple things are in the eyes of a child? The most important thing is that we show children that they are living in a moment of history that will be in the books forever.