Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who signed me up for this?

This was my to-do list for my gloriously long 45 minute break while the kids were at art class:

~ Call a parent to set up a meeting
~ Make copies
~ Sort candy corn into bags for a math project
~ Put important papers into the kids' communication folders
~ Possibly laminate a poster (if time)
~ Go to the bathroom (yeah... imagine that!)

And this is what I did during my 45 minute break:

~ Sit through an incredibly long, incredibly dull Reading Team Meeting.

I forgot that it was tentatively planned for today... and I'm one of the 4 team members, along with Principal, Reading Teacher, and Reading Coach. (I'm the Integrated Language Arts Coordinator for the primary grades, which is how I got the dubious honor of being a member of this committee.)

And of course, the meeting took up my ENTIRE break. Thankfully, Reading Coach was kind enough to watch my kids for a few minutes while I ran to the bathroom.

I don't know why I even bother making plans...

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