Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One day at a time

I spent the last two days banging out things on my to-do list:

The kids know ALL their songs (for their various performances) inside and out, and even if they screw up, they're still gonna look damn precious :)

The mini potpourri jars for the craft sale at this weekend's Lunch with Santa are done. I glued all the ribbons on today and they look spectacular.

The ornaments that the kids are making for their parents (foam snowman picture frame from Oriental Trading) FINALLY arrived in the mail today. I still need to take pics of the kids (wearing a Santa hat, lol) and then the ornaments need to be assembled. Hopefully that won't take long. They can go home on Monday if I need an extra day or two.

I started the gingerbread house. The walls and roof are in place, and it needs to dry overnight before we can decorate. So far, so good...

I bought the ingredients for my chicken enchilada dip for the faculty Christmas party. I can assemble it Thursday night and microwave it Friday afternoon right before the party.

I bought the gift for the Pirate Party gift swap. The limit was $15, and I think I did a pretty decent job. I got this fleece blanket ($9.99) and a CD of holiday tunes ($5.99... and $2 of that gets donated to Salvation Army). I'm a whole whopping dollar over the limit, but... eh... what can you do?

And - just because I was bitching about not taking time to enjoy the holidays - I decided to use some leftovers in my kitchen to produce these lovely treats :)

Who can be stressed when there are chocolate covered pretzels in the house?

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