Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Moving on

I've been back for two days, and I think I'm doing well with getting the kids into routine. I implemented a schedule poster (which I made several years ago and never really used) to plan our day... which reduces the number of times I have to hear the inevitable, "Miss M? When is lunch??" or "Do we have art today?" At one student's request, I write a T next to any activity where talking is allowed (such as recess, center time, writer's workshop). The schedule has been keeping me on track, and I feel like we've gotten a lot accomplished since we've been back.

I'm also trying to get my classroom back in order. With all the holiday craziness, I feel like there wasn't any time to clean or organize or file anything... so my room is filled with piles of papers that need my attention. I figured I'd start with the easiest task - undecorate my classroom. I managed to get all of that done today, which means tomorrow I can start putting up the winter-themed bulletin boards (one for the New Year, one for the snowman theme). I'm glad the hustle and bustle is over, but my room really did look nice for Christmas.

Candy canes made by the kids (a lesson on patterns as well as the legend of the candy cane).

Poinsettias made by the kids (after reading The Legend of the Poinsettia, by Tomie dePaola).

This is a project I do every year... I send home a plain green Christmas tree cut-out, and they decorate it with their parents. I'm always amazed at how creative they get!

But, all of that is gone now. Gotta make room for the new stuff. I'll post pics of the new bulletin boards once they're up.

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Mesmerized said...

Dear, I love the Christmas trees. Lovely. My kids are pretty artistic too. Whenever I set them on a task, they get it back to me all beautifully decorated.