Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today was one of those crazy, crazy days where no actual teaching gets done... but it was SO much fun.

Our second grade class entered a contest called Be a Phanatic About Reading, which is sponsored by the Philadelphia Phillies... and they won!!! Their prize was a school visit from the Phillies' mascot, the Phillie Phanatic. If you're not familiar with our mascot, he's kind of a cross between a bird and an anteater... big and green with a long snout and giant feet... I dunno, he's goofy-looking, but he's one of THE icons of the city. Anyway, the Phanatic came to our school today and he brought the WORLD SERIES TROPHY!!! It was awesome.

The Phanatic paraded through our school cafetorium with the trophy, followed by the second grade contest winners. Then our principal read a book about the World Series parade while the Phanatic acted it out.

The kids LOVED every minute of it (and so did the teachers, lol). When the presentation was over, each class had their picture taken with the trophy. It was amazing to see it up close.

I'm glad the second graders won the contest. They were so enthusiastic about books and reading in first grade, and they deserved to be in the spotlight for this.

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Sarah said...

How awesome is that!!! I'm a huge baseball fan (not a Phillies fan, but this is still cool) and am super jealous!! I bet the kids had a blast!