Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow day!

All weekend long the buzz has been "the BIG snow" headed our way. I didn't think it was gonna happen (why get my hopes up?), but it's almost 11 PM and the snow has been falling for about 5 hours. It's laying on the grass and cars and just barely coating the streets. And as of about an hour ago, the news stations announced that schools are CLOSED TOMORROW!

Part of me is very happy to know about it ahead of time. It means I don't have to set my alarm. I can sleep in a little and not have to worry about getting everything ready for work tomorrow, "just in case." On the other hand, it takes some of the fun out of a snow day... the anticipation of waking up and peeking out the window to see how much snow has fallen, waiting for the radio to say the magic words, "All public and archdiocesan schools are closed." And then being able to roll over and go back to bed.

But either way, it's all good.

I intend to spend my snow day ignoring my to-do list. A snow day is like a freebie, and I think I should take advantage of that. I think I'll curl up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee, a book, and a warm blanket, watching the snow fall outside. Then maybe watch some bad daytime TV with my lunch (homemade potato soup, saved for just such an occasion). Maybe I'll do laundry, maybe I won't. I've got time to figure it out. It's gonna be great :)

Happy Snow Day, if you've got one!