Saturday, May 02, 2009

The joys of the job hunt.

I'm so freakin' lazy about this blog. For the past two years, it's been damn near impossible to sit down and write about my day. I'm trying, though. Really I am.

Anyway... I took a personal day yesterday because I had a district screening interview. I had a screening interview for a different school district back in November, and it was pretty much the same thing: brief interview with random district principal, consisting of a set list of very general questions (managing behavior, creating classroom climate, communicating with parents, assessing student learning, etc, etc...), followed by a 30 minute writing sample in a computer lab (they provide a question, I spend 30 minutes bullshitting an answer). These interviews are really more of a formality. They already have my paperwork packet, which includes my resume, cover letter, references, clearances, certificate and transcripts. They already know that they like my qualifications. In fact, one of the people who interviewed me yesterday said only 15% of applicants make it past the paperwork portion. So this step is really just so the district can say they saw me in person before they pass my name on to the school principals.

I think I did well, though. The downside is that there is no feedback given in this type of interview. If they approve of me, my name goes into a database that all district principals have access to. If there's an opening, one of the principals can contact me.

So as it stands right now, I'm on two eligibility lists already. In one school district, I'm eligible for a position as a reading teacher... however, I've recently been told that the district has cut reading teachers this past year due to funding. I'm also eligible for an elementary position in another district (the one that screened me in November). And as of yesterday, there's a good chance I'm eligible in that district as well (also for elementary). But being eligible doesn't necessarily mean I'll get hired. It's frustrating.

Soon I'll have to start thinking about looking for a summer job. I just don't feel like thinking that far ahead right now.

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