Monday, September 13, 2004

Just another manic Monday

Today was our first full day of school, and already, problems abound. I have yard duty on Mondays (morning, lunch and after school), and during lunch recess my kids started yelling, "Miss M, Miss M! Look at N!!" Llittle N was standing with his legs spread and his head bent. Upon closer inspection, I saw that he had a nose bleed, and was holding his hands under his nose to catch the blood. It just kept dripping out of his nose. He couldn't even walk. I had to get kids to get paper towels and then I led him to the office. He took the whole thing in stride, though. When asked if this has happened before, he nodded. "I have a weak nose," he said.

I taught actual lessons today. I spent religion class teaching Creation... We made a list of things that God created, and then I told them that God wants us to take care of His creation. As an example, I said, "Pretend you get a Game Cube for your birthday. Would you throw it on the floor? Would you step on it? Would you leave it in the rain?" They all laughed ("Silly Miss M!") and we talked about ways to take care of our things, which led into a discussion of how to care for creation. At the end of the half hour lesson, I checked for comprehension by saying, "Who can tell me one thing God created?" J raised his hand and said, "I have an X-Box." Sigh.

I have a chatty group of kiddos, but not entirely in a bad way. They keep calling out answers, and I've been amazed at how much they know! So I guess I can't really complain.

Right now I'm relaxing a bit and watching "Jeopardy." Ken Jennings is my personal hero. Long live the dork!!!

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