Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Some highlights from today

  • Student walks into my room this morning and says: "Miss M, I'm not going to college. It's too hard." I said, "You're in first grade. You've got a few years before you have to worry about that." :)

  • I was walking around the room teaching math and I stopped next to a table to check one student's work. While I was standing there, the boy sitting next to him broke his own pencil in half. On purpose. I was looking right at him when he did it. I very calmly took the pencil halves from him and told him to get another one out now. I taped the pencil to a note for his mother.

  • For social studies, we did a cutesy "all about me" project, which required the kiddies to write the color of their hair. On one girl's paper: NWORB.

  • While teaching at the blackboard, I watched a girl spit a spitball across the table at another child. I stopped my lesson cold, and in my best "mean-teacher-voice" (complete with "evil-teacher-eye") said, "Did you just spit in my classroom?" Instead of denying it, looking remorseful, or blaming it on someone else, she laughed. Oh. My. God.

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