Tuesday, December 28, 2004


A friend of mine who lives in the Bronx, has invited me to her apartment for a New Year's Eve party. I went last year, had a great time. The weekend before Christmas, I had to go to NY for an engagement party/shower for the same friend (I'm a bridesmaid). I decided to drive, taking two other bridesmaids with me. The trip should've taken less than 2 hours; it took us 3 hours. Aside from the traffic, it was a very easy drive. The only real bitch was the tolls.

I had planned to take the train this weekend, but now I'm not so sure. I can't think of anything I'd enjoy less than taking 2 trains to NY, waiting in the crowded train station to meet my friend and then taking a subway and a cab to her apartment. Ugh. It makes me nauseous. I'm not a big fan of public transportation. I'm spoiled. But I have like, no extra money to spend on tolls and garage parking. I guess I'm taking the train, then.

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