Thursday, June 09, 2005

some ranting for a thursday evening

I've been eating, sleeping and breathing my grad school class for days. Sunday a group of us met for a presentation we have to give. Monday and Wednesday I had class. Tonight I met with a study group for Monday's midterm. Saturday I'm meeting with another girl to prepare for a paired presentation. At work this week, I had to videotape myself teaching for yet another presentation. I'm exhausted, and if I hear the name Vygotsky one more time, I'm going to hurt somebody.

And on top of that, I still have to work. My kids have been taking final exams (can you believe we give exams to first graders?), and it's been grueling. It's hot and humid and sticky, and we don't have air conditioning. The kids are cranky and tired (and I'm not far behind them). I keep two fans running, open every window, pull the shades down, turn the lights off and open the door. It doesn't help.

The kids have six more days left, but they're all half days - praise the Lord. And exams are done tomorrow.

You know what I really want? A social life. A night out with my friends. Two solid hours to read something that isn't a textbook or "Curious George." A vacation.

Fear not, dear readers. In the words of some disco singer (Gloria something?), "I will survive."

(Gaynor? Is there a Gloria Gaynor? That sounds right.)


SuzanH said...

Yup, Gloria Gaynor.

I can't believe you are testing babies. I'm assuming it's NCLB related?

My daughter has 4 more FULL days. I'm dying--and she's in a class with no A/C, either. Good thing she likes the heat.

Good luck, and perhaps a thermos full of margaritas would not be out of line here.

Sara said...

Hi Dree!
We found a place in Bryn Mawr.

You are almost finished with school. Hooray. It will fly, but it is too bad that the last days are spent testing in this heat.

la maestra said...

sorry to leave this in comments, but i can't find contact info for you... i'm going to PA (bucks county, actually) at the end of the month and i was wondering if you knew of any cheap buses/trains from providence to philly. any guidance would be greatly appreciated!