Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tales from Target

I had to run to Target to pick up some things for my weekend trip. Here are some random observations I made whilst shopping.

~ When it comes to certain things, I am the world's biggest impulse buyer. I decided that I needed to have body wash and facial cleanser in the cute little "travel size," so that I don't have to trouble myself with carrying the full size that I already own. I also felt the need to buy pina colada flavored gum. Why? Because it was in the checkout aisle.

~ On the other hand, when it comes to anything that costs more than $3, I become a complete spaz, weighing the pros and cons until I finally decide not to buy it after all. Case in point - I picked up 4 different CDs that I want, and put them all back. Wandered to the book aisle where I did the exact same thing. Ditto for a pair of chandelier earrings (a measly $5.99).

~ It is extremely difficult to shop in Target and NOT buy things for the classroom.

~ When one is not teaching, children become a terrible nuisance. Especially the snotty, bratty, whiny ones who touch everything, block the aisle, and throw tantrums when told they can't have another Bratz doll. And their parents aren't much better. See Sara's post for similar stories.

~ I am a very passive shopper. If someone is blocking the aisle, I would rather back my cart out and go around the next aisle than say "Excuse me."

~ No one makes sandals in wide widths. I've checked everywhere, and Target was my last hope.

~ It is physically impossible to go to Target and spend less than $50. This is scientific fact. I've conducted several experiments.


Sara said...

I agree on all points. Target is the place for all things good and evil. I find the cheap handbags a temptation. I find the stationary special. I enjoy the the shoes too. Thanks for the shout out...glad to know that I am not the only one.

Teacher27 said...

Agree with you about children becoming a terrible annoyance in the summer. I actually moved to another seat at a baseball game the other day to avoid them.

Megan said...

Oh Target, how I love thee. But thou hast taken too much of my money! For shame, Target!

I don't care, I'll still go and blow 50 bucks in a matter of minutes. ;)

GuusjeM said...

If you got out for under $50 you are goind great- I can't seem to get out for under $100. Thus, I try to avoid Target, since I spend way to much money saving money!

SuzanH said...

Mmmm . . . Target. It's just the best store ever.

Yes, EVERYONE'S children become a nuisance in the summer. Just a fact of nature.

Also, wide sandals can be found at Easy Spirit for large bags of money, but they are generally well made and last quite a while. I have the same problem. Very frustrating.

Hope you enjoy(ed) your weekend!