Tuesday, June 14, 2005

There's beauty in the breakdown

I'd like to find the person who decided that the setting up and breaking down of a classroom should fall during the HOTTEST months of the year. It has been unbearably, ungodly, unbelievably hot and humid in Philly. And in a classroom that gets all the morning sun, in a school without air conditioning, it is an oven. It's legs-sticking-to-your-chair, chapstick-melting-in-your-pocket, sweat-dripping-in-your-eyes hot.

Grades 1-3 had the day off today so that the primary teachers could clean their classrooms and do paperwork (blechhh). I did as much work as I could in my classroom in the morning, and when it got too hot, I moved to the air-conditioned faculty room to do my report cards. I asked the 6th grade teacher for some girls to help me clean my room. All of her girls were already in other rooms, so she sent me four boys, two of whom are notorious for fighting, cursing, and giving any authority figure an attitude (thanks, Mrs. S.).

As it turns out, all four boys were a huge help. They did so much work, and they kept me thoroughly entertained in the process. They reminisced about first grade ("Yo, remember when we were in this room for first grade? Mrs. B was a cool teacher."), sang along to the radio (Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" was a favorite, heard 3 times in two hours), and debated the Michael Jackson verdict ("Man, he just likes to be around kids. He's not a criminal. That lady just wants his money.") They cleaned everything in sight, moved my heavy bookcases, clapped my erasers, took all my decorations down and vacuumed my rugs. I promised them that I'd send for them if I needed any more help this week.

So now my room is pretty bare.

It's a little depressing to see the room so empty. It has no personality, no life.

Thank goodness I have Fernando to cheer me up. :-)

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Sara said...

Thank goodness for Fernando.
I am glad that you will have a summer for yourself and your learning. Even though graduate school is tough, it is terrific.