Tuesday, August 09, 2005

thinking ahead

I've been reading other teachers' blogs, and it seems like everyone's summer is winding down. People are already back in their classrooms, setting up for the coming school year. I haven't even started thinking about my classroom yet. School doesn't start for me until after Labor Day, which means I'll need to go set up a week or two before that. If the mood strikes me, I may even go in a little earlier and attempt (ahem) to organize some things. You know, the stuff that accumulates from year to year and just doesn't have a home. The stuff that I haven't thrown away because "I might need it someday." The papers that get piled up on my desk in June that never get filed, so they just get shoved in the closet.

Ah, the joys of teaching. Honestly, ours is the only profession where being a pack-rat is practically encouraged. Everyone's got one of those teachers in their building who has everything. It's like having a Wal-Mart in your school. Need cough drops? In her desk drawer. An extra sweater? In her closet. Sixteen pieces of baby blue construction paper? She's got it, plus some to spare, on her shelf. Gotta love those people.

Last year, I made up a box of all the decorations and borders and stuff that I didn't need, but was still in good condition. I gave it all to our new 2nd grade teacher. She was fresh out of college and didn't have any teacher things. She appreciated the donation and I didn't have to feel bad about throwing stuff away. If I can get my ass in gear and do the same thing this year, maybe I'll have some stuff for our new 3rd grade teacher.

I'm not sure I'm ready to start setting up yet. But at least I'm thinking about it.

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