Thursday, June 01, 2006

Little Old Man - the lost archives

I was cleaning out a basket of stuff on my desk at work today, and I found my little spiral notepad. I used to carry it around to jot down things as they occured to me. Inside, I found notes and anecdotes about this year's class. There were several amusing gems provided by my Little Old Man, and I thought I'd share them, as kind of a retrospective look at our time together.

LOM on work
One day, Space Cadet had asked if we could do "something fun."
"Sure," I replied. "Let's do some work!"
"Work?!" he cried, incredulous that I would ask such a thing of him.
Before I could respond, LOM exclaimed, "I LOVE work! The more work you do, the more smarter you get!"

LOM on marriage
While eating the pretzel and juice snack at recess, he decided to play with the pretzel pieces, turning them into bride and groom. Their story went something like this:
"Marry me, pretzel, marry me! Kiss the bride!" (big smooching noise, as the pretzels celebrated their love) "Hurry! To the limbo!" (pretzels ran to a limo made out of an empty juice carton)

LOM on reading
One afternoon, my class was on the reading rug, enjoying The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear for the fifty-billionth time. It's a fabulous tale about a mouse who picks a strawberry only to learn that a big hungry bear is after it. The mouse attempts to find ways to conceal his tasty treat. One of his solutions is to disguise both himself and the fruit with Groucho-style glasses with mustaches. The kids think this page is an absolute riot, and the roll on the floor laughing every single time they see it. I was just about to turn to that page, when LOM said, "It's coming... Here it comes... Save your laughs!" And as I turned the page, he yelled, "SHIELD YOUR EYES!!!" Of course, no one did.

LOM on the end of the school year
We sat down to do calendar today, and after we discussed the date, LOM announced, "Oh, no... 15 days until the last day of school! I'm going to miss Miss M." After assuring him that I would miss them, too, I went on to remind them that we begin half days next week. "Don't tell me!" he cried, anguished. "Less time with Miss M!" He shook his head sorrowfully.

Honestly? I think I might miss him the most. :)

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